April 24 2014

60 feet dhows to set sail in first heat

The first round of the Traditional 60ft Dhow Sailing Championship organized by Dubai International Marine Club will be held this Saturday 26th April.

Bad weather over the past few weeks caused the organizers to postpone the race, this week come storm or calm the race has to go on as the season draws to a close with the annual Al Gaffal Long Distance race less than a month away.

‘‘The skippers will be watching the weather closely over the next few days to make sure they get the best advantage. It is our job to make sure the race is run fairly and safely. Our offshore operation involves around 40 people and 12 boats from DIMC, we also have boats from the police and coastguard and a medical team in support. With 15 crew on each dhow plus the dhows support boat with two to three crew onboard, it means we have well over 1000 people on the water during the race, which is a lot of responsibility.’

Unsettled weather conditions are set to continue thus making the course likely to finish at the Burj Al Arab with the boats mustering in the lee which is to be decided on the morning of the race.

The race on Saturday will start at 10 am and is expected to last for around two hours.

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