April 10 2016

Al Lanjawi from UAE wins the Dubai Wave Challenge 2016

Mina Seyahi witness another exciting race last Saturday, the Dubai Wave Challenge which is organized by Dubai International Marine Club hailed a huge success in gathering around 37 racers to compete for the Top 20 position in the Jet Ski endurance race.  The organizing committee was able to gather participations from the local and international racers to represent eight countries such as UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, United Kingdom, Lebanon and France.

It was a tough race for our racers to be on water for about 1 hour and 45 minutes battling with the great wave of the sea, requiring them a power and good strategy to finish up to the last minutes. Completing the 21 Laps in 105 minutes is the first winner of the Dubai Wave Challenge from the UAE, with the Jet Ski no. 28 Ali Mohamed Yousef Al Lanjawi which take home the prize and a brand new Sea Doo Jet Ski from MTM Powersports. His next rival is Jet ski no. 30 Walid Mahmoud Al Sharshini from Qatar finished 20 laps. Followed by Jet ski no. 6 Caumont Ludovic from France in the 3rd position and Jet Ski no. 19 Marcus Patrick from Denmark as the 4th placer. And racing to the Top 5 is Jet ski no. 15 Fahad Salim Al Qathmi from Saudi. Over all it was a great experience for our racers especially to those who race up to the Top 20.

The whole organizing committee of the DIMC thanked all those who help and give their support for the success of the said event.

Top 20