April 17 2014

Mina Seyahi all set for final heat of wooden powerboat racing

Dubai: As roaring engines and 6-feet high water sprays off the 20 registered entrants in the 3rd and Final Heat of the Dubai Wooden Powerboat race on Friday May 18th in Jumeirah, there is certain to be a lot of excitement, anxiety and trepidation as to who will emerge winners. Bad weather last week resulted in the organisers calling off the race for safety reasons.


The 30.09 NM run spread over 7 laps plus a start lap, stretches around Jumeirah on a cigar shaped course, is scheduled to take off at 10am and speculation is rife as there is going to be stiff competition between the teams.


Competitive spirit 

The course, similar to the Class 3, 6ltr races, adds excitement and a competitive spirit to the race with each lap covering 3.61 NM.


As soon as the green flag is raised, all the boats power up and step on the gas so to say. A spectacular view of boats, raised at the bow, always makes for a lot of action and excitement as spectators line the beach in Jumeirah to witness the action.


Each boat vies for the first place and wants to outsmart the other by using all the tactics and skills they possess.


From a distance, the wooden boats appear like dolphins, bobbing their head up and down on the waters. The speed with which they manoeuvre their boats is beyond compare.

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