April 10 2017

Success in the Final Heat of Dubai Waterbike Race at Kite Beach


09 April 2017

DIMC organized last Saturday  (08 April 2017) the seventh and Final Heat of the UAE Waterbike Series at Umm Suqeim Beach – Kite Beach were we witness a great battle between the particpants as they show off their skills in the different categories.

The organization had gained a huge success in being able to gather racers from all over the world bringing all the champions from UK, USA, France, Hungary, Japan, Saudi, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar to compete in the Eight Categories.

The competition starts with the round one of each category wherein we witness the shine of UAE racer, Al Awadhi as he took off the top spot in 2 categories.  It was really an exciting battle as the round 2 continues where will find out who among them qualify in the Top 5 position.  The Kuwaiti Racers – Zeid Ismail Habib Al Zeidi , Salem Ayman Al Mutawa and Mohd. Ebrahinm Bu Rabie shows eagerness in taking the top spot in different categories.

And to spark up the afternoon delight with the electrifying stunts of the Free Style and Fly board competition wherein the emirati’s  Rashid Salleh Al Mulla from Sky dive (Free Style)and Manea  Habib Al Marzouqi  (Flyboard) lead the competition by getting the perfect moves.

Right after the competition held the awarding ceremony to honor the winner of the each category and the overall 2017  champion of each category with the plaque appreciation given to the different sports club who participated in the success of the UAE Waterbike Series awarded by the DIMC Board Members, Huraiz Almur Bin Huraiz and Mohammed Harib , CEO of DIMC together with him is Mr. Hezaim Al Gemzi the Race Director.

Overall it was a huge success as the organization thanked all the participants and the local units for the support in this event.


Novice Runabout Stock

1st  – Zeid Ismail Habib Al Zeidi (Kuwait)

2nd – Hamad Yousef Mohamed Al Langawi (UAE)

3rd  – Moahmmed Omar Affan (Saudi)

4th  – Hamood Mohammed Maydan (Kuwait)

5th – Khalid Thabit Al Banai (Kuwait)

Expert Ski Limited

1st  – Salem Ayman Al Mutawa (Kuwait)

2nd – Ameen Adel Mohammed Al Rouzi (Saudi)

3rd  – Sultan Eisa Al Hamadi (UAE)

4th  – Abdulla Abdulrahman Al Hamadi (UAE)

5th –  Salman Younus Abdulwahid Al Awadi (UAE)

Expert Runabout Stock

1st  – Sultan Jaber Al Kawari (Qatar)

2nd – Mohamed Abdulla Ali Al Haidous (Qatar)

3rd  – Abdulrahman Ghazi Al  Omer (Kuwait)

4th  – Hesham Sami Bakhsh (Saudi)

5th –  Rashid Ebrahim Al Mana ‘iee (Qatar)


1st  – Steven Doliac (France)

2nd – Caumont Ludovic (France)

3rd  – Christopher John Wilkinson (France)

4th  – Nawaf Mohamed Fahad Al Faarhan (Kuwait)

5th –  Yousef Al Abdel Razzak (Kuwait)

SKI Junior Stock

1st  –  Ahmed Eisa Ahmed Al Hamadi (UAE)

2nd – Salman Younus Al Awadhi (UAE)

3rd  – Badar Abdulateef Mubarak Al Shati (Kuwait)

4th  – Sultan Eisa Al Hamadi (UAE)

5th –  Shaheen Ibrahim Jawad Ramadhan (Kuwait)

PRO Runabout GP

1st  – Kasza Gyorgy (Hungary)

2nd – Mohammed Ebrahim Bu Rabie (Kuwait)

3rd  – Jorgensen Marcus Patrick Sand (Denmark)

4th  – Yousef Al Adel Razzak (Kuwait)

5th –  Mohamed Jasim Al Baz (Kuwait)

Free Style

1st  – Rashid Ali Saleh Al Mulla (UAE)

2nd – Mohamed Ali Al Hamli (UAE)

3rd  – Abdulaziz Abdulrazak (Kuwait)

4th  – Abduljaleel Ali Al Awadhi (UAE)

Flyboard Free Style

1st  – Manea Habib Al Marzouqi (UAE)

2nd – Abboud Nasser Al Adawi (UAE)

3rd  – Hashar Mohamed Saeed  (UAE)

4th  – Majid Habib Al Marzouqi(UAE)