February 20 2017

UAE Champions wins the title of Dubai Water Bikes Race

20 February 2017

UAE Champions wins the title of Dubai Water Bikes Race organized by DIMC last Saturday (18th of February) at Al Mamzar Lake with participations of around 65 racers representing their country as they battle to win the title in the eight categories.

Gaining a huge success in the race was the UAE racer as they were able to bring the title in five categories out of eight.  Al Marzouqi, Al Mulla, Al Langawi, Al Awadi and Al Hammadi are among the UAE racers whos successful in getting the top spot on the ff. category Flyboard , Free Style, Expert Runabout Stock,Expert Ski Limited  and Ski Junior Stock.

Immediately after the race was the prize giving for the TOP 5, with the presence of the DIMC  Vice Chairnman and board member  Mr. Ali Belhabala, Mr. Hezaim Al Gemzi the Race Director, Mr. Ghanim Al Marri the Officer of the Day and Mr. Ali Naqbi  Head of the Rescue Department Marine Police in Dubai to handover the trophy to the winners.

DIMC thanked all the participants from all over the world and collaborators in the success of the fourth round of the UAE  Waterbike Series 2017


Novice Runabout Stock

1st – Sultan Jaber Al Kawari (Qatar)

2nd –  Zaid Ismail Habib Al Zeidi (Kuwait)

3rd – Hamd Yousef Mohamed Al Langawi (UAE)

4th – Mani’e Habeeb Al Marzouqi (UAE)

5th Abubaker Naser Saif Saqr Al Marri (UAE)


Expert Ski Limited

1st – Salman Younis Adulwahid Al Awadhi (UAE)

2nd – Salman Ayman Al Mutawa (Kuwait)

3rd – Abdulla Abdulrahman Al Hamadi (UAE)

4th- Deri Attila (Hungary)

5th – Ameen Adel Al Rouzi (Saudi)


Expert Runabout Stock

1st – Ali Mohamed Yousef Al Langawi (UAE)

2nd – Abdulrahman Ghazi Al Omer (Kuwait)

3rd- Rashid Ebrahim Al Mana’iee (Qatar)

4th – Jorgesen Marcus Patrick Sand (Danish)

5th- Bader Yousef Al Zaini (Qatar)



1st – Caumont Ludovic (France)

2nd – Steven Doliac (France)

3rd – Lukas Binar (France)

4th – Nawaf Mohamed Fahad Al Farhan (Kuwait)

5th – Yousef Al Abdel Razzak (Kuwait)


Ski Junior Stock

1st – Sultan Eisa Al Hamdi (UAE)

2nd –Salman Younus Al Awadhi (UAE)

3rd – Adnan Yaseen (Spain)

4th – Abdulla Abdulrahman Al Hamadi (UAE)

5th- Bader Abdulateef Mubarak Al Shati (Kuwait)



PRO Runabout Stock

1st – Kasza Gyorgy (Hungary)

2nd – Moahmmed Ebrahim Bu Rabie (Kuwait)

3rd- Rashi Suhail Al Tayer (UAE)

4th – Walid Mahmoud Al Sharshini (Qatar)

5th – Yousef Al Abdel Razzak  (Kuwait)


Free Style

1st – Rashid Al Saleh Al Mulla (UAE)

2nd – Fahad Thani Abdulla Al Hamli (Qatar)

3rd – Saleh Eisa Albu Alnain (Qatar)

4th – Abdulaziz Abdulrazzak (Kuwait)

5th – Abduljaleel Ali Al Awadh (UAE)



1st – Manea Habeeb Al Marzouqi (UAE)

2nd – Abboud Naser Al Adawi (UAE)

3rd – Hashar Mohamed Saeed (UAE)

4th – Majid Habib Jasim Al Marzouqi (UAE)

5th Karim Hasan Ahmed (Egypt)