January 31 2016

UAE Waterbike Championship continues its success in Round 2

UAE Waterbike Championship continues its success in Round 2 last Sunday the 30th of January 2016 which is organized by Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC). The race kicks off from Jumeirah Open Beach 3 at around 10:30 in the morning.

It has been a huge success to the organizing committee of the DIMC to gather around more than 70 racers in one representing 11 countries (UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Denmark, Czech Republic, Russia, USA, United Kingdom and France) all aspiring to bring home the title.

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The race follow its time table to start with the MOTO 1 for each category of the race and then right after is the most awaited event of the day is the Flyboard Freestyle Competition with already eight participants in its first appearance in the UAE Waterbike Championship race. And then followed by the MOTO 2, to know who will be on the top 5 per category.

Immediately after the race was the prize giving for the TOP 5 list down as the following:

Novice Runabout Stock

1st –Rashid Mohamed Buti Al Mansouri (UAE)

2nd –Badar Bayan Al Khalfan (Kuwait)

3rd –Mohamed Omer Afan (Saudi)

4th – Barak Ali Ahmed Al Qabandi (Kuwait)

5th –Mohamed Talib Al Kharqawi (Kuwait)


Expert Ski Limited

1st – Olivin Nycolas (France)

2nd – Salem Ayman Al Mutawa (Kuwait)

3rd – Subils Gaetan (France)

4th – Jermy Vohlgemuth (France)

5th – Mohamed Abdulla Al Suwaidi (UAE)


Expert Runabout Stock

1st – Ali Mohamed Yousef Al Langawi (UAE)

2nd – Abdulrahman Ghazi Al Omer (Kuwait)

3rd - Mohamed Abdulla Ali Al Hadous (Qatar)

4th – Hesham Sami Bakhsh (Saudi)

5th – Abdul Aziz Hussain Al Zaatari (Kuwait)


Pro Ski GP

1st – Steven Doliac (France)

2nd –Chris Wilkinson (UK)

3rd – Caumont Ludovic (France)

4th – Lukas Binar (Czeck)

5th – Brock William Austin(USA)


Ski Junior Stock

1st – Salman Younus Al Awadhi (UAE)

2nd – Sultan Eisa Al Hamadi (UAE)

3rd – Abdulla Abdulrahman Al Hamadi (UAE)

4th – Ahmed Eisa Ahmed Al Hamadi (UAE)

5th – Saif Omer Bin Huraiz (UAE)


Pro Runabout GP

1st – Yousef Al Abdel Razzak (Kuwait)

2nd – Khalifa Belsalah (UAE)

3rd – Mohamed Ebrahim Bu Rabie (Kuwait)

4th – Thamir Ahmed Abdulrahman Al Darwish (Qatar)

5th – Jeremy Perez (France)



1st – Rashid Ali Saleh Al Mulla  (UAE)

2nd – Salman Younes Al Awadhi (UAE)

3rd – Abdullah Abdulrahman Al Hamadi (UAE)

4th – Hesham Sami Bakhsh (Saudi)

5th – Shaheen Ebrahim Ramadhan(Kuwait)


Flyboard Freestyle

1st – Majid Habib Jasim Al Marzouqi (UAE)

2nd – Mani’e Habib Jasim A. Al Marzouqi (UAE)

3rd – Humaid Ali Saeed Obaid Al Matroushi (UAE)

4th – Marwan Habib Al Marzouqi (UAE)

5th – Abdulrahman Juma Nour Al Baloushi (UAE)


The whole organizing committee of the DIMC thanked all those who help and give their support for the success of the event.