125 Dhow Boats for the 32nd Al Gaffal

25 May 2023

125 boats will participate in the 32nd Al Gaffal 60ft Dhow Sailing Race, which is annually held on Sir Bu Na’air Island. The race passes through Moon Island for a distance of 50 nautical miles until reaching the finish line on the Dubai Coast, near the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel.

This prestigious race, held under the patronage and support of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai, is organized by the Dubai International Marine Club and serves as the season finale for 2022-2023. With its substantial participation, the event holds immense significance as the largest, most prestigious, and highly anticipated race. It pays homage to the heritage of ancestors while conveying a message to future generations, inspired by the legacy of the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The organizing committee of the 32nd Al Gaffal Race has decided to postpone the start of the race due to the bad weather forecast in the coming days and will announce a new date.

Mohammed Harib, a member of the Higher Organizing Committee and CEO of DIMC, stated that the committee's decision was based on the directive of His Highness, the event's sponsor, to hold the race in the most suitable weather conditions to ensure the safety of all participants throughout their journey.

He confirmed that the Higher Organizing Committee is in contact and consultation with the main stakeholders, including the boat owners, captains, and participants, in order to ensure the success of the great race. He also expressed his appreciation for the immense turnout of participants in the upcoming race.

The committee has confirmed that they are working diligently and closely monitoring the weather forecast in the coming hours to determine the new date for the race. The boat owners and participants will be promptly notified of the latest updates regarding the race timetable on Sir Bu Na’air Island. This includes important information about the safety inspection procedures and the distribution of GPS tracking devices.

Registration for the 32nd Al Gaffal Race officially closed after a week of registration. It now holds the second place in the general ranking in terms of the number of participants in the history of the Al Gaffal Long Distance Race. The 29th Al Gaffal Race, held in 2019, recorded the highest number of participants with 131 boats.

On the other hand, the headquarters of the Dubai International Marine Club witnessed a coordination meeting between the Higher Organizing Committee for the 32nd Al Gaffal Race and a high-ranking delegation from the General Administration of the Ports Police Station. The delegation included Major Ateeqa Musabah Al Dhaheri, First Lieutenant Abdul Rahman Bourguiba, and Second Lieutenant Ahmed Al Marzouqi. During the meeting, the delegation discussed race preparation matters with Mohammed Harib, a member of the Higher Organizing Committee and CEO of DIMC. Mohammad Al Marri, Director of the Sports Affairs Department at DIMC, was also present.

Al Gaffal Participation since 1991-2022

  • First Edition in 1991: 53 boats
  • Second Edition in 1992: 75 boats
  • Third Edition in 1993: 70 boats
  • Fourth Edition in 1994: 48 boats
  • Fifth Edition in 1995: 65 boats
  • Sixth Edition in 1996: 73 boats
  • Seventh Edition in 1997: 74 boats
  • Eighth Edition in 1998: 80 boats
  • Ninth Edition in 1999: 69 boats
  • Tenth Edition in 2000: 83 boats
  • Eleventh Edition in 2001: 87 boats
  • Twelve Edition in 2002: 84 boats
  • Thirteenth Edition in 2003: 91 boats
  • Fourteenth Edition in 2004: 91 boats
  • Fifteenth Edition in 2005: 89 boats
  • Sixteenth  Edition in 2006: 84 boats
  • Seventeenth Edition in 2007: 93 boats
  • Eighteen Edition in 2008: 97 boats
  • Nineteen Edition in 2009: 93 boats
  • Twentieth Edition in 2010: 95 boats
  • Twenty-first Edition in 2011: 100 boats
  • Twenty-second Edition in 2012: 102 boats
  • Twenty-third Edition in 2013: 101 boats
  • Twenty-fourth Edition in 2014: 100 boats
  • Twenty fifth  Edition in 2015: 111 boats
  • Twenty-sixth Edition in 2016: 106 boats
  • Twenty-seventh Edition in 2017: 121 boats
  • Twenty-eighth Edition in 2018: 122 boats
  • Twenty-ninth  Edition in 2019: 131 boats
  • Thirtieth  Edition in in 2021: 106 boats
  • Thirty First  Edition in 31 in 2022: 118 boats