2018-2019 Al Wasf" won the title of 43ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Championship"

11 June 2019

The crew of "Al Wasf " boat no. 127 boat made a stunning and unique achievement in the 43ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Championship 2018-2019 led by Mohamed Hamad M. Al Ghasheesh  which was recently concluded after successful organization by  Dubai International  Marine Club 

The organizing committee was keen to appreciate the achievements of the owners of the season through the trophy of excellence offered by the end of each season where the first place received by the boat no. 127 "Al Wasf"  and with the two others the boat no. 170 "Zilzal" and 153 "Dahes" 

The great achievement of the boat no. 127 "Al Wasf" has lead them to topped the season championship with a total of 5 points wherein the team celebrated their victory.  The boat 127 has competed many times for the championship in the 43ft category wherein they sought to win the overall title and to be able to get it they have make a remarkable efforts which achieved the best result. 

Over the past three rounds the boat 127 have won the first place in the round one and the third which concluded in the month of September and October. 

Following the lead is the boat no. 170 "Zilzal" which is led by Marwan Abdulla Mohd. Al Marzouqi who was able to gather 16 points in the overall leading them to get the second place. 

Finishing in the third spot is the boat no. 153 "Dahes" led by the skipper  Hassan Abdulla Mohamed Al Marzouqi with a total points of 19. Leading next to them is the boat no. 33 "Burraq"  who where able to gather the same points wherein in the third round 153 took the lead making them take the third spot. 

In the fifth place , is the boat no. 103 " Ghazi" which took a total of 26 points in the overall championship. 

Indeed it was a remarkable season for the club and the racer as the season finished successfully. 

Overall Ranking 

1 . Al Wasf - 127 - Mohamed Hamad M. Al Ghasheesh (5pts)

2. Zilzal - 170 - Marwan Abdulla Mohd. Al Marzouqi (16 pts)

3. Dahes - 153 -  Hassan Abdulla Mohamed Al Marzouqi (19 pts)