27.2 kg fish gives the Filipino a Grand Win

22 November 2020

The Dubai Kayak Boats Fishing Tournament  is organized by the Dubai International Marine Club for the first time in cooperation with the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai in which we witnessed a great exciting event last Saturday. 

The event was held in conjunction with the activities of the Dubai Fitness Challenge (30 X 30) and within the marine sports 2020-2021 that gathers a huge success participated by 100 participants of different nationalities among them are fishing enthusiast and a large numbers of expatriate residing in UAE. 

The tournament is sponsored by a number of institutions and companies that provide support for the event, including the Al Watania Marine, Maui Kayak Shop, Dalton Custom Roads, Adventure HQ, Major Craft, Shimano, Barracuda, Raymarine that will give valuable gifts to all the winners of the event and in addition to that the financial prize that have been allocated in winners of the Powered Kayakers Angles Biggest Fish and Women Kayak Anglers Biggest Fish.