29.95 KG Kingfish gives Algheelani a 120 Thousand Dirhams Prize

20 January 2020

Participant no. 85 Saoud Mohamed Algheelani was crowned as champion of the Dubai Fishing Competition first round for the Kingfish Category with 29.95 KG organized by the Dubai International Marine Club within the marine sports season 2019-2020 held for three consecutive days (16-18th of January 2020). And hailed as a champion in cobia Category is Salem Ghanem Bin Ghanem Al Marri participant no. 40 who catches 28.20 KG fish.

Success in the first round of the competition wherein the committee was able to gather 100 fishing enthusiasts residing in the UAE among them are from Tunisia, Egypt, Oman, and Comoros.

The competition was supported and sponsored by Delma Marine for boats and Mercury for marine engines for adding up the prizes of the winner, as well as the P&O Marinas Foundation, which allocated a prize for the first place in each round in addition to that for hosting the championship in their headquarters. The Dubai Fishermen Cooperative Society that will take over the sale of fish and then benefit from its proceeds to charitable societies the same as it the previous rounds of Dubai Fishing Competitions. The Dubai International Boat Show 2020 will provide a golden opportunity for the champions of the tournament at the end of the second round to participate in the International Fishing Competition.

The participant no. 85 Saoud Mohamed Algheelani took the biggest Kingfish during the three days of the competition with a weight of 29.55 KG and length of 154 cm to get the total prize of 120 thousand Dirhams wherein 25 thousand provided by the organizing committee and 50 thousand from Delma Marine and one year free of charge wet berth for a maximum of 15m boat worth of 45 thousand dirhams provided by P&OMarinas. The second place in the same category goes to no. 63 Abdulla Alhaj Abdulla Almuhairibi who catches 24.70 KG and takes home the 20 thousand dirhams prize and taking over the third place is the last year title holder participant no. 1 Saeed Mohamed Jabir Al Muhairi who catches 24.20 KG fish and take home the 18 thousand dirhams prize.  And the rest until the top 10 take home the prizes allotted for them.

On the other category, the “Cobia”, the winner is participant no. 40 Salem Ghanem Bin Ghanem Al Marri who catches a fish weighing 28.20 kg with a total prize of 30 thousand dirhams provided in half by the committee and the Delma Marine. The second place in the same category goes to Abdulqadir Ahmed Abdulqadir who catches 23.20 KG of cobia fish with 10 thousand dirhams prize and the third place goes to no.  36 Saif Mohamed Saif Handool Almehairbi, who catches 23KG fish and take home the 5 thousand dirhams prize.

Awarding Ceremony

The awarding ceremony took place at the P&OMarinas headquarter yesterday with the presence of Mohamed Harib, CEO of DIMC, Hezaim Al Gemzi, Director of Sports Department, Ahmed Al Suwaidi head of the fishing committee, and Ayoub Al Khaja, Director of Delma Marine and  Saeed Khalifa Al-Marri the Senior Manager, P&O Marina.