29th Al Gaffal Race Kicks off on Friday

29 April 2019

The Organizing Committee of the 29th Al Gaffal Long Distance Race , which is held under the support and patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum , Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance, decided the race to be on Friday (03 May) after reviewing all the matters related to the sea condition in the coming days. 

The Organizing Committee of the closing race, the 29th Al Gaffal Long Distance Race, based on the directives of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum , the launch of the race should be in the best conditions in accordance to the safety and security standards which causes the delayed of race because of the weather situation and disruption to the sea and decided to be with the new date on Friday.

The meeting was held yesterday at the club headquarter's headed by Ali Nasser Belhabala , Vice Chairman of DIMC and Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee with the Board Member & CEO , Mohammed Harib with Hezaim Al Gemzi the Director of Sports Department and Mohammed Al Shamsi the Director of Admin and Corporate Support with the HR Manager , Manaf Khasawneh decided to held the race on a new date , which is on Friday. 

The Organizing Committee of the 29th Al Gaffal Long Distance Race extend his deep thanks and appreciation for His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum , Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance for his constant support and encouragement to the participants who participate many times in the race thus uplifting them by increasing the race awards to 12 Million AED. 

The Committee also sent a sincere appreciation towards the boat owner and skipper for their great cooperation and follow up in order to the the appropriate decision and to held the race at great condition especially the sea state which in the past days are unstable with up and down that causes difficulty in building the Thuraya tower with the intense north wind. 

Mohammed Harib , DIMC Board Member and CEO give his warm thanks and appreciation of the Organizing Committee to the government departments and national institutions which lend their full support  for the success of the event and their decision of postponing it and giving new date. 

He also said that the organizing committee will be there on Sir Bu Na'air Island starting from  Wednesday to complete the preparation for the race which they will do Technical Inspection from Wednesday until Thursday prior to race day. 

The organizing committee is ready to go to Sir Bu Na'air Island at anytime with the boats Shindagha carrying the delegation of Dubai Media Incroporated and channel from Dubai Sports TV , the Za'abeel boat carrying the DIMC staff, the Fatah Boat carrying the medical and safety operation team and the Al Fahidi Boat as headquarter of the Organizing Committee.

They also reminded all the boat owners and skippers to comply with all the regulations and law as well as with the race instruction to achieve the success of the race as well as for their safety on the shore. 

The Al Gaffal Long Distance Race marks each year end of the season for the Dubai International Marine Club which always happen during the month of May and this time it will happen on Friday. 

The race was characterized as closing race since it was launched on 1991 usually during the month of May except for the fifth edition on 1995 and twelfth  on 2002 which happen to be on June . 

The first version: 23 May 1991

Second Edition:  21 May 1992

Third edition: 26 May 1993

Fourth edition: 26 May 1994

Fifth edition: 1 June 1995 

Sixth Edition:   30 May 1996

Seventh edition: 22 May 1997 

Eighth edition: 21 May 1998

Ninth Edition : 20 May 1999

Tenth Edition : 25 May 2000

Eleventh Edition :31 May 2001 

Twelfth Edition : 13 June 2002

Thirteenth Edition : 29 May 2003

Fourteenth: 28 May 2004

Fifteenth: 26 May 2005

Sixteenth: 26 May 2006

Seventeen: 26 May 2007

Eighteenth: 31 May 2008

Nineteenth :  23 May 2009

Twenty:  29 May 2010

Twenty-first : 28 May 2011

Twenty Second : 27 May 2012

Twenty - third : 25 May 2013

Twenty - fourth: 18 May 2014

Twenty - fifth: 23 May 2015

Twenty - sixth: 20 May 2016

Twenty - seventh : 14 May 2017

Twenty - eighth:  14 May 2018

Twenty - ninth : May 3, 2019