3 Rounds for Dubai Kitesurf Open

05 January 2021

For the first time in the marine sports calendar for season 2020-2021 , the Dubai International Marine Club has approved three rounds for Dubai Kitesurf Open. 

The first round will be held on Friday and Saturday at Nessnass Beach in Jumeirah which is the usual place for the fans and enthusiast of this sports which attracts a great interest from various segments of the society among them are the citizen, resident and tourist of the emirate coming to enjoy the most coolest winter in the world. 

The second round of the said competition is said to happen also in the middle of this month which set to be on the 15th & 16th of this month and the final round will be on the 26th-27th of March. 

The first round competitions are one of three rounds that the club will organizes this season 2020-2021 within the club framework and interest in this sports with the strategic cooperation between the club and the Emirates Kiteboarding Association headed by  Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.

The highly anticipated event will take place at the end of the week on the next Friday and Saturday, where the championship will gather, a group of professional and amateur fans of this sport from inside and outside the country, in addition to the stars of our national team competing for the titles of Hydrofoil, Twin Tip and Free Style.

The Dubai Kitesurf Championship has become one of the sports in the Emirate of Dubai that the fans await every year, organized by Dubai International Marine Club which hosted the first championship in the country way back 2005 and returns to the marine sports calendar last 2017-2018 season and held annually with a various rounds. Thus making it more popular among the marine sports organized by the club. 

Hazeem Al Gemzi , the Director of Sports Department at DIMC said that this year Dubai Kitesurf Open will be in three rounds this 2020-2021 season the decision comes after the sports gained its popularity among the community in which the Dubai beach have known for more than two decades now for a location in this kind of sports wherein the first championship in 2005 was held. 

He said the throughout the past season 2017-2018, 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 , the Dubai Kitesurf Open achieved a great success. In the new season the committee decided to increase it rounds to motivate the participants and give the event a more competitive atmosphere. This sports will enter its history by making its way to the next Olympic Games on 2024. 

Dubai Kite Surf Open
8-9 January: Heat 1
15-16 January: Heat 2
26-27 March: Heat 3