Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race (43ft) on Saturday

04 October 2022

Dubai International Marine Club will organize on Sunday the first round of the Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race (43ft) as part of the marine sports season 2022-2023.

This season the club has set two rounds of Dhow Sailing Race 43ft wherein the first will be on Saturday and the second round will be on the 19th of November.

The club has successfully launched the activities of the new season started off last September with the first round of the 22ft Dhow Sailing Race participated by 40 boats competing for the youth & junior titles, then followed by the first round of the traditional rowing race with 46 boat participants that competed into two categories such as local class run and open class run.

The club hopes to continuously run a successful and smooth event thru the race on Saturday that will bring together elite owners and experts in sailing for the 43ft Dhow Sailing Race that’s considered to be the oldest traditional racing category.

It is worth mentioning that the last season 2021-2022 boat no. 153 Hasheem took the lead in the overall ranking in 43ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race with 4 points followed by Zilzal 217 with 6 points and the third place goes to Al Dhafrah 87 with 11 points.


The Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race (43ft) is consider being the oldest and most prestigious heritage race which was first organized in Dubai beaches in 29th January 1988 with the participation of 19 boats and winning the said race is boat no. 15.

Remarkably in the history of marine races , the first version of the Al Gaffal Long Distance Race in 1991 , the second in 1992 was using the 43ft Dhow Race Boat prior to a joint race of 43ft & 60ft in 1993 wherein they observe that the 60ft Dhow Boats are more suitable for a long distance race since then the Al Gaffal Race was made for 60ft Dhow Boats.