60ft Dhow Boats Sail Dubai Shores Today

29 October 2023

Dubai's shore will witness today a great heritage race with the launch of the Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race, which marks the first round of the Dubai Championship for 2023-2024. This event is organized by the Dubai International Marine Club as part of the new sports season.

The race will bring together elite captains and sailors on board 77 dhow boats as they sail in the afternoon through the depths of the Arabian Gulf waters, heading towards the finish line. This scene will revive memories of the past, reminiscent of the days of their forefathers.

The participating dhow boats will cover a race distance of more than 20 nautical miles on a course determined by the organizing committee, taking into account sea conditions and wind. The race will start with the green flag raised and finish opposite the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel.

The organizing committee has completed all necessary arrangements to ensure the success of this event, in coordination with government departments and national institutions. During the online meeting held yesterday morning, the organizing committee, led by Mohammed Al Marri, the Director of the Sports Affairs Department and Race Director, informed the sailors of the latest updates pertaining to the race.

Al Marri confirmed the committee's commitment to the success of all events. He pointed out several factors, including the cooperation and interest of the sailors and crews, which bode well for the success of this race, as seen in the first round of the 43ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race.

Al-Marri also assured that the weather forecasts are favorable for the race. The dhow boats will gather off the Dubai Islands, and from there, they will move to the starting line while they wait for the signal. The organizing committee will inform the participants of the gathering coordinates and the start and finish lines via SMS.

Dubai Sports TV

Dubai Sports TV will provide a valuable service to all water sports enthusiasts by broadcasting live the 60ft dhow sailing race in the afternoon.


"Boat no. 211, Nimran's crew, was the last crew to win first place in the 60ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race during the previous season, following their victory in the Al Gaffal Race, one of the most prestigious championship.


Boat no. 96 Al Shaqi captained by Khalaf Butti Musabeh Al Ghashish Al Marri, led the overall standings of the 60ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Championship last season. The crew is determined to maintain its dominance in the upcoming season.


In 2023, the 60ft Dhow Sailing Race marks its thirty-first season, having been inaugurated during the third edition of the Al Gaffal Long Distance Race in 1993. This race covers the journey from Sir Bu Nair Island, passing through the waters of the Arabian Gulf to the picturesque shores of Dubai.


The 60ft Dhow Sailing Race will feature three rounds this season. The first round takes place this Saturday, followed by the second round in mid-December, and concluding with the final round, which coincides with the conclusion of the season during the 33rd Al Gaffal Long Distance Race from Sir Bu Na’air Island to the Dubai Coast, scheduled for April next year.