80 Boats to Compete for the Title in the 43ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race Today

11 November 2023

Today, the shores of Dubai are set to witness the launch of the second round of the 43ft Traditional Dhow Sailing Race, marking the final round of the 2023-2024 Dubai Championship. Organized by the Dubai International Marine Club as part of the current sports season, the race will feature 80 boats competing for the title.

Lining up in the depths of the Arabian Gulf waters near Dubai Island, the dhows will race towards the finish line located near the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel and Palm Jumeirah Island. The participants are eager to secure victory in today's race, aiming to accumulate crucial points for the overall standings in the 2023-2024 Dubai Championship, which will be announced by the club at the end of the season.

Boat no. 63 Dahis, captained by Issa Sultan Al Marzouqi, stands at the top of the overall standings after the results of the first round, which took place last October, earning them one point. Meanwhile, boat no. 96 Al Shaqi, skippered by Khalaf Butti Mosbeh Al-Ghasheesh Al-Marri, is in second place with two points. Boat no. 170 Sahm, captained by Al-Nokhatha Ahmed Youssef Salem Al Hammadi, holds the third position with three points.

The Dubai International Marine Club has completed all preparations in coordination with government departments and national institutions to ensure the success of the race. The participating captains and sailors were informed of the latest instructions and important matters pertaining to the race during the online meeting held yesterday.

Mohammed Al Marri, Director of the Sports Affairs Department at the Dubai International Marine Club, confirmed during the meeting that the race distance will be between 12-14 nautical miles, stressing that the race will start in the afternoon at around 1:30, considering the wind speeds and weather conditions to help the participants achieve their goal and reach the finish line safely.

Overall Ranking (as of the First Round)

1- Dahis 63 - 1 points, 2- Al-Shaqi 96 - 2 points, 3- Sahm 170 - 3 points, 4- Zurech 156 - 4 points, 5- Zilzal 217 - 5 points, 6- Al-Alawi 187 - 6 points, 7- Gazi 103 - 7 points, 8- Nazaa 70 - 8 points, 9- Al-Teber 55 - 9 points, 10- Namran 259 - 10 points


43ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race represents one of the oldest categories in traditional races. The first official race in this category took place on 29 January 1988, coinciding with the establishment of the Dubai International Marine Club(DIMC). During that time, 19 boats participated in the inaugural race, with boat number 15 clinching the title.

Dubai Sports TV 

Dubai Media Incorporated, through Dubai Sports TV, will provide valuable services to all water sports enthusiasts by broadcasting the second round of the 43ft Dhow Sailing race live this afternoon, bringing the traditions of the forefathers into every home.