A Bountiful 2021 for DIMC

28 December 2021

The Dubai International Marine Club achieved a great distinction on the local and international marine sports organized by the club this 2021, which leaves an impressive remark before this year-end in a few days.

The club has continuously excelled since its establishment in 1988 as the first marine sports club in the country and become globally known at the beginning of the nineties wherein the club Board of Directors headed by Ahmad Saeed Bin Meshar aims to continue this success and maintain the global positioning of the club as one of the most important and best marine sports institution in the region, and in the world.

In 2021, the club’s board of directors approved the updated strategic plan and direction (2021-2027) and the new organizational structure to serve as a compass for the development of work in the club. Thus aims to stimulate innovation enhance financial investment, to nurture teams and young talents.