Al Gaffal Dhow Race

01 October 2018

Since 1991, the Al Gaffal Race has been a highlight of Dubai's watersports calendar. Harking back to the days of pearl fishing,this dhow race for 60ft (18m) ships is a source of great pride for all those who take part. The finale of the 2018-2019 watersports racing season organised by Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC), the Emirati-only race is supported by His Royal Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin RashidAl Maktoum, UAE Finance Minister and Deputy Ruler of Dubai. ManyEmirati families trace their ancestry to the pearl trade. The race was established in honour of these brave Emirati divers, who played a key role in the development of Dubai as an international trading port. By taking part in the race, younger generations are helping keep the skills and traditions alive while paying homage to their forefathers. The race begins at 5:30am, with a lengthy route which takes in some of the most iconic features of Dubai's coastline. You can watch the race from the coastline, or take advantage of one of the specially-chartered ferries that take to the water to view the action up close.