Al Maktoum Cup Traditional Rowing Boat Today

26 December 2020

The organizing committee of the Al Maktoum Cup Traditional Rowing Boats decided to postpone the event from Friday to Saturday due to bad weather and sea conditions.

The race was scheduled to take place on the beaches of Jumeirah yesterday afternoon, as the state of the sea changed when the twenty participating boats arrived at the starting line they where not able to line up which pushed the organizing committee to raise the red flag and returned the participants to the port.

The race will take place today - Saturday - at 3 pm on the water of the Dubai Canal in the Al Jaddaf area adjacent to the Dubai Creek Wildlife Sanctuary, which is the place that hosted the first and second rounds of the 2020-2021 Dubai Traditional Rowing Championship.

Today the top 20 boats will compete for the title of the 24th Al Maktoum Cup Traditional Rowing -30ft are as follow:

1. Oman(44) 2. Asas (39) 3. Victorious(53) 4. Al Saroukh Team(7) 5.WAWAN Team(87)  

6. KHK(54) 7. Gulfar 1(55) 8. Dubai Police GHQ(3) 9. Dubai(5) 10. Fujairah Police GHQ(77)  

11. Thouban(10) 12. Al Zahab(66) 13. Mashhoor(16) 14. Wadi Al Siji(11) 15. Dubai/1(51)

16. Al Zahab 2(65) 17. Inad/2(14) 18. Muzahem(70) 19. Dubai Police GHQ(30) 20. Al Barq (15)