Al Mansoori and Al Falasi are the stars of Dubai Kitesurf Open

24 January 2021

Last Saturday , the second round of the Dubai Kitesurf Open concluded in Nessnass Beach organized by Dubai International Marine Club for over two days within the activities for the marine sports season 2020-2021. 

Mohammed Obaid Al Mansoori and Rashed Ahmed Al Falasi took the lead in the closing day of the Dubai Kitesurf Championship with the participation of more than 80 competitors representing more than 20 countries from all over the world who competed for the title in Hydrofoil , Twin Tip and Freestyle category. 

Al Mansoori perform at his best against his companions from the local team in the Free Style category in which he shows his great skill in surfing with the wind against Rashed Ahmed Al Falasi who took the second spot and the third spot by Ahmed Dhahi Al Mehairbi.

Our rising champion Abdulla Al Mehairbi continues his journey achieving the third place in Freestyle category behind Fryderyk Szczisny who took the first place and Gabriel Kassas the second place. 

In the men's division Lewis Deves took off the first place against Anishka Dinel and Nour El Dandanchli took the third spot in Freestyle Category. While in the same category for  women division Sara Douglas took off the first place.

Rashed Ahmad Al Falasi succeed in taking off the first place in Twin Tip category for local while the Mohammad Obaid Al Mansoori took the second spot and Ahmed Al Mehairbi in the third place. 

In the rest of the categories for the Junior Twin Tip Gabriel Cassas won the first place which witnessed the participation of 8 champions among them the future stars Saif Nasser Al Neyadi (fourth) , Abdulla Harib Al Falasi (sixth) and Abdulla Al Mehairbi (seventh).

In the men's category for Twin Tip the Lebanese Louia ElDandachly surpassed all his 21 competitors while in the women Charlene Michel took the lead. 


The Dubai Kitesurf Open - Heat 2 in Nessnass Beach witnessed a participation of more than 80 competitors representing 21 countries in additional the UAE national team such as from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Britain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Bulgaria, Austria, Spain, Poland, Scotland, Canada, the United States of America and Australia And Sri Lanka, South Africa and Mauritius

Winners in Freestyle:

Local : Mohammed Obaid Al Mansoori
Junior: Fryderk Szczisny
Men: Lewis Deves
Women: Sara Douglas 

Winners in Twin Tip:

Local : Rashed Ahmad Al Falasi 
Junior: Gabriel Kassas
Men: Louia ElDandachly
Women: Charlene Michel