Al Namos Women's Team participated in Dubai Fishing championship

16 March 2020

The last and final day of the second round of the Dubai Fishing Competition which was successfully organized by Dubai International Marine Club for 5 consecutive days with a huge number participation which exceeded 110 contestants among them are the UAE citizen and fishing enthusiast of the country competing in two category the Kingfish and Cobia. 

The second round was sponsored and supported by  Delma Marine, P&O Marinas , Dubai Cooperative Society for Fishermen and Sea and Sands Fishing Motorcycle Trading in which they gathered around a quarter of Million Dirhams as a total prize money (cash and i-kinds). 

On the last day of the Dubai Fishing Competition the distinguished Female Team "Al Namos" has submitted for the first time in the competition, the women team was supported by Delma Marine led by the contestant no. 87 Lamya Ali Mohamed Ali. 

The Al Namos Team was successful in catching a 12.95 KG Kingfish with a length of 120 CM in their second consecutive participation in the competition.