Al Tayar (60) crowned in the Traditional Rowing Race

26 November 2019

Al Tayar (60) one of the prominent name in the world of traditional marine sports that are held in the waters of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) thanks to the support of its owner and sponsor Haza'a Mohammed AlMuhairi wherein recently they achieved a various wins in the different waters sports such as sailing , fishing competition and they won the second place for thw 23rd Al Maktoum Cup Traditional Rowing Race - 30ft.

The boat no. 60 Al Tayar owned by Haza'a Mohammed AlMuhairi and led by the skipper Ebrahim Sultan Al Marzouqi shines in the last two rounds of the rowing race wherein in the overall they took 3 points after finishing second in the first round and first place for the second round. 

It is indeed an impressive result for the Al Tayar boat no. 60 after taking the chance to participate in the most expensive race for traditional rowing,  the 23rd edition of the Al Maktoum Cup which was held last Friday in the lower part of the Dubai Water Canal in the area of Al Jaddaf in Creek organized by Dubai International Marine Club wherein the team finishes the second place against its rival boat Oman 44 

The presence of the Al Tayar (60) in the Traditional Rowing Championship 2019-2020 add a new interest and support for the traditional races in giving value to the cultural heritage thru its patron owner Haza'a Mohammed AlMuhairi. He preserve the legacy of the fathers and grandfathers of his homeland thru his continues support to achieve the vision of leadership andto uphold the values and heritage, which is commanded by the late His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. 

He said that his support to all the marine sports heritage will continue to increase the interest of reviving the past;  the grandparents and parents and a call to all the companies and national institution to carry out this role for the youth to be particular in the field of the traditional racing in accordance to the environmental standards and principle. 

He also praise the organizing committee for successfully organized the series for the Dubai Traditional Rowing Race Championship 2019-2020 wherein the Al Tayar 60 crews particpated well and actively led by the skipper Ebrahim Sultan Al Marzouqi. He also congratulated the champion of the 23rd Al Maktoum Cup , the Oman 44.

In this regard , the captain of the boat no. 60 Al Tayar said his appreciation and thanks to the patron owner Haza'a Mohammed AlMuhairi for his great support and on going follow up that led the team in outstanding position in the competition.  He also thanks and encourage the whole team to prepare early for the next season.