Al Teber 55 Champion of the 43ft Dubai Dhow Sailing Race

20 November 2022

Boat no. 55 Al Teber owned by Rashid Mohammed Rashid bin Ghadeer and led by the sailor Mohammed Sohail Al Muhairi was crowned as champion of the Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race (43ft), the second and final round for the current season 2022-2023 that took place last Saturday. 

The crew of boat no. 55 Al Teber succeeded in getting the right strategy to win first place in the race against its rival boat no. 219 Al Nayef which is owned and skippered by Mansour Ahmed Abdullah Al Hamadi, while the boat no. 125 Hadi owned and led by Ali Ateeq Obaid Al-Rumaithi finishes third in the race. 

The race achieved great success represented by 70 boats that sailed thru the Arabian Gulf waters to Jumeirah shore for 15 nautical miles towards the finish line.  

The sailor was challenged in various stages in the race wherein the winds played a major role to keep their sails moving forward forcing them to use their sailing skills and the right timing in shifting the sails. It was an unpredictable win until the last movement that boat no. 55 Al Teber picks up the pace to be the first boat to reach the finish line immediately followed by boat no. 219 Al Nayef and boat no. 125 Al Hadi.

Jamal Zaal bin Kreshan, DIMC Board Member followed the race from the starting point until the finish line along with Mohammed Harib, DIMC CEO while the race was supervised by Mohammed Saif Al Marri, the Director of Sports Affairs, who crowned the champions of the race boat no. 55 Al Teber, 219 Al Nayef and 125 Hadi. 

Al Muhairi dedicates the win to the boat owner

Mohammed Sohail Al Muhairi, the sailor of boat no. 55 Al Teber dedicates its achievement to the boat owner & sponsor of the team, Rashid Mohammed Rashid bin Ghadeer, for his continuous support and constant encouragement, which contributed to the success of the crew in all of their participation in traditional dhow sailing 43ft and 60ft category.

He said that the race was very interesting due to the challenges they face regards to wind fluctuations and diversity but the crew succeeded in choosing the right strategy and direction to immediately arrive at the finish line achieving first place in the race.

The captain of boat no. 55, would like to express his thanks and appreciation to Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC) for the race's success, praising its efforts in organizing and communicating to all the owners and sailors to safely arrive at the finish line.

43ft Dhow Sailing Race  Heat 2 - Winners

  1. Al Teber (55)
  2. Al Nayef (219)
  3.  Hadi (125)
  4. Al Ittihad (89)
  5. Al Dafrah (87)
  6. Sabbah (24)
  7. Mefarej (43)
  8. Rajam (56)
  9. Al Faid (119)
  10. Al Serb (80)