National Sailing Championship Wraps Up with Great Success in Jumeirah Beach

07 March 2023

UAE SARF National Sailing Championship and Dubai Modern Sailing Championship Conclude in Style at Jumeirah Beach

Over the weekend, Jumeirah Beach played host to a thrilling conclusion of the UAE SARF National Sailing Championship and the Dubai Modern Sailing Championship. The event was part of the highly-anticipated 2022-2023 sports season and was held in cooperation with the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club.

Five elite sports clubs, including Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Club, Sharjah International Marine Sports Club, Al Hamriya Cultural Sports Club, Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, and P&O Marina, as well as members of the community and residence, joined the championship.

The event saw 77 talented male and female sailors from 20 countries, including Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Britain, Italy, Greece, Germany, France, Russia, Ireland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, India, Bangladesh, and the UAE Champions, participate in the thrilling championship.

UAE SARF National Sailing Championship  – Third Round Result

  • Optimist Girls: Kornelia Pajak – DOSC
  • Junior Open Optimist: Kornelia Pajak – DOSC
  • Optimist Overall: Simeon Hristor – ADMSC
  • ILCA 4 Girls: Nadine Trignokis – DOSC
  • ILCA 4 Boys: Mohamed Alzaabi – ADMSC
  • ILCA 6 Girls: Dhuha Albeshr – ADMSC
  • ILCA 6: Dhuha Albeshr – ADMSC
  • ILCA 7 Master: Adil Khalid – P&O Marina
  • ILCA 7: Adil Khalid – P&O Marina