In Conjunction with World First Aid Day ... DIMC Completed a Training Program in preparation for the new season

14 September 2022

DIMC has completed a training program for its employee's in various departments in preparation for the launching of the new season 2022-2023 which will start on Sunday on Dubai beaches with the first round of the 22ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race and will continue until the end of May inclusive of 30 diverse events. 

The club's employees participated in special training for the Basic Respond to Offshore Accident Rescue and First Aid with AED supervised by Wafiq Abdulla, the Safety Officer in the club thru theoretical classes and practical tests on the water with the participation of more than 40 employees who received their Certificate of Completion after the successful training at the clubs headquarter.

This training comes within the framework for early preparation and planning of the Club's Board of Directors for the success of the upcoming season which includes various activities to look forward too in cooperation with the DIMC partners from the government departments and national institution.  

Mohammed Harib, the CEO of DIMC accompanied by a directors of various department at the club to congratulate and handover the certificate of completion to all the employees that successfully passed the course in conjunction with World First Aid Day which is celebrated on the 12th of September every year.