Cooperation agreement signed between University of Dubai and Dubai International Marine Club

20 January 2020

Dubai International Marine Club has signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation agreement with the University of Dubai to enhance joint efforts and achieve cooperation in common areas in a way that supports the public interest in the framework of developing and coordinating with the national institutions as well as to strengthened partnership with educational sector. 

The ceremony was held in Dubai University which is located in Dubai Academic City, the delegation was headed by Dr. Eesa Mohammed Bastaki is the President of the University of Dubai likewise for Dubai International Marine Club is Mohammed Hareb, CEO of DIMC with the presence of Hezaim Al Gemzi, the Director of Sports Department with Mohammad Al Shamsi the Director of Admin Corporate Support, Mohammed Al Marri the Director of Government Communication with Jumana Khalid the Strategic Planning and Human Resource Expert. And from Dubai University is Hikmat Baeni the Director of Marketing and Communication at the University of Dubai, and Samar Saeed, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communication.

The delegation of the Dubai International Marine Club during its visit to the headquarters of Dubai University, reviewed the existing efforts in this giant institution and its role in qualifying the youth with science and knowledge. The delegation also heard a comprehensive explanation from the university president about the mechanisms of work in the institution and the utilization of the energies and minds of its members in transforming the building located in Academic City to a distinguished environmental edifice through self-efforts and through obtaining solar energy from the sun thru pioneering and stimulating scientific experiment for society.