DIMC adds new races inline with the "Year of Sustainability"

26 July 2023

Dubai International Marine Club has unveiled an exciting lineup of new races in the last marine sports season 2022-2023. These additions reflect the Board of Directors' vision to expand the range of activities and create inclusive opportunities for all members of society.

In line with the declaration of 2023 as the "Year of Sustainability" with the theme "Today for Tomorrow," the 2022-2023 sports season feature several races that promote environmental awareness and highlight the heritage of the United Arab Emirates. These initiatives aim to encourage community involvement in supporting the national strategy for environmental sustainability.

One of the notable additions is the Wing Foil category, which is introduced under the Dubai Kitesurf Open Competition organized by the Dubai International Marine Club for the sixth consecutive season taking place at Dubai Islands under the supervision of the UAE Sailing and Rowing Federation and in collaboration with the Emirates Kiteboarding Association. The Wing Foil race has already  garnered significant attention and interest from kitesurfing enthusiasts, including both male and female competitors from the UAE national team, as well as residents and expatriates.

Furthermore, during the 26th Al Maktoum Cup held last December, the club organized a festival that featured the Virtual Rowing Challenge for the first time. This event, conducted in partnership with PowerFit Gym, was a resounding success and attracted a diverse audience of rowing and bodybuilding enthusiasts from both UAE citizens and residents.

Overall, these new races and initiatives introduced by the Dubai International Marine Club demonstrate their commitment to promoting marine sports, environmental sustainability, and community engagement in the upcoming season.

Dubai Watersports Day

The Dubai Watersports Day was held earlier this year by the Dubai International Marine Club as part of the sports season calendar for 2022-2023. This event features a wide range of activities for the community, including the first-ever Stand Up Paddling Competition and the Kayaking for Women event, which was a collaboration between the Dubai International Marine Club and the Dubai Women Establishment. The goal of this partnership was to support institutional development and encourage women's participation in marine sports by leveraging the expertise and technical capabilities of both organizations.

Recently, the Dubai International Marine Club was honored with the Sustainability Award in the field of watersports during the 9th session of the Dubai Sports Excellence Model Ceremony 2023, organized by the Dubai Sports Council. This award recognizes the club's commitment to sustainability, with 79% of the activities are environmental friendly races that adhere to international standards and environmental conditions.

The Dubai International Marine Club organizes a variety of sports in the whole season, including traditional races such as Dhow Sailing and Rowing, as well as modern races like Modern Sailing, Modern Rowing, Kitesurfing, Stand Up Paddling, and various Fishing Competitions. They provide proper race instructions and suitable venues for enthusiasts to practice their hobbies.