DIMC announces beginning of the new season on 7 September

25 July 2019

Dubai International Marine Sports Club has unveiled the full schedule, announcing the official dates for the marine sports season 2019-2020 which will be organized from September to May. 

The Board of Directors of the Dubai International Marine Club has adopted a numbers of recreational and cultural sports events up to 30 diverse events for the marine sports enthusiast.

On 7th of September 2019 (Saturday) will be the launching date of the new season 2019-2020 with first race for the 43ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race and followed by the second heat of the same race by the 21st of September (Saturday).

On 28th of September (Saturday) also will be the first heat of the 22ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race which will be divided into two category the  8-16 years (born in 2003 maximum) old describe as the junior and the 8-21 years old for the youth (born 1998 maximum)

Following the next month , October the organization have two events the 60ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race on 5th of it (Saturday) which is the delayed the last race while on the 19th of October , the first heat for the Dubai Traditional Rowing Race 

Continuing the next month on November there is the 3 important event the first one is the second heat of the Dubai Traditional Rowing Race on 2nd of November and on 16th will be the first heat for the 60ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race and the last one for November will be on 22nd the one of the most expensive tournament for rowing the "Al Maktoum Cup Traditional Rowing"

On December the club is expected to organize in between the first week around 05-07th one of the International Event and the second heat of 60ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race to be scheduled on the 20th of the said month. 

With the beginning of the new calendar year 2020 beginning will be on Friday and Saturday , on 10-11th the  first heat of the Dubai Kite Surf Championship on Nesnass Beach with the three category the Twin Tip, Hydro foil, Freestyle and followed by the heat 1 of the Dubai Fishing Championship on 18th of January. And on the 25th the first heat of the UAE Aquabike Championship.

On 1st of February , we will witness the first heat of the Dubai Modern Sailing Championship with the second heat of the Dubai Kite Surf Championship on 8th of the same month with the second heat of the 22ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race on the 28th. 

On the first week of March around 3rd-7th the marine sports enthusiast will look forward for the 27th Dubai International Boat Show in-conjunction with UAE Aquabike Championship and Dubai Fishing Championship in celebration also of the National Sports DayOn the 14th of March the Dubai Modern Sailing Championship and on the later date to be announced in the new addition to the calendar the Stand Up Paddling. By the end of March will be the Dubai Modern Rowing Championship on the 28th. 

The last month will be April wherein the most awaited race of the season is scheduled alongside with the last heat of the Dubai Modern Sailing Championship on 4th of the said month. And finally the 30th Al Gaffal Long Distance Race (From Sir Bu Na'air To Dubai) , which is held annually under the patronage and support of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum , Deputy Ruler Dubai and Minister of Finance , scheduled on 18th of April with a layday on 24th of the same month.

So many exciting race to look forward this coming season. Stay tuned for more of the updates.