DIMC introduces open class in Traditional Rowing boats

17 November 2021

Dubai International Marine Club in line with the development of the traditional races the club decided to launch an open class for the first time in Dubai Traditional Rowing Race – 30ft which aim to add excitement and increase awareness among sponsor and institution to encourage them to participate in traditional races and watersports activities.

Mohammed Harib, the CEO of DIMC said that the Board of Directors of DIMC headed by Ahmed Saeed Bin Meshar and the Sports Committee headed by Rashid Thani Al Aail encourages everyone to keep up with the pace of the approved Strategic Plan 2021-2027. This step taken by the club indicates a new imprint in the watersports development that started since its founding year in 1988.

He stressed that the decision to add an open race to government and national institution and the boats from the GCC countries is to raise awareness of the traditional sports from various sector in the society urging them to participate and witness the sports.

He also explain  that the Dubai Traditional Rowing Races were launched way back in 1996-1997 by the late Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum from that season until now the sports continuously evolved and developed where it extended its participation among the GCC country and now, to open it to various government and national institution sector.

The open class will be according to the updated rules and regulation for the Dubai Traditional Rowing Race with the same specification of 9 sailors (1 leader and 8 crew ) without being restricted to their nationality but must provide a proof of identification.

1988:   Dubai International Marine Club founding year

1996-1997: Launching of the Dubai Traditional Rowing Race – 30ft

1997-1998: First Edition of the Al Maktoum Cup Traditional Rowing Race - 30ft

2010-2011: First Participation of Omani boats and won the Al Maktoum Cup

2017-2018: The participation of the first national women's team in the UAE National Sports Day Race

2019-2020: Traditional Rowing Race organized for the People of Determination in cooperation with Dubai Police

2020-2021: Bahraini boat KHK54 wins the Al Maktoum Cup

2021-2022: The launching of the open class for the government, national institutions and GCC countries team