DIMC launches an innovation lab : The future of marine sports work in the UAE

17 August 2020

Dubai International Marine Club in cooperation with The Excellencorsexperts in Training & Performance Development, launched last Sunday the Innovation Lab that talks about : The future of marine sports work in the UAE which was held thru online discussion at Microsoft Teams. 

The said project is part of the framework of the existing efforts to develop the work and future of marine sports in the UAE in cooperation with the excellencor in order to know the challenges that the club's are facing and to provide solution in creating a strategic plan of the club which was established in 1988. 

Mohammed Harib, CEO of the Dubai International Marine Club, the innovation laboratory aims to provide innovative ideas and solutions to the challenges facing by the club and to set new challenges to the team, racer, partners and to employ the proposed ideas to maximize the opportunities with the aim to innovate the club. 

He said that the participation of the various partners, institution and specialist will contribute to the development and restructuring processes of the club, and will address important notes by listening to the group thru evaluating their ideas and arranging them accordingly on priority. This will be used within the operational plan of the club during the upcoming period to measure the impact and outcome of the said ideas and solutions.

He also thanked The Excellencors, the company experts in Training & Performance Development which will work with the club in revising the strategic plan and to serve as representatives to all the clubs partner and institution that will reach 200 participation over the course of one week session. 

It is worth mentioning that the Dubai International Marine Club, which was established in 1988 and became the authority that supervises all marine sport activities in the Emirate of Dubai according to Decree No. 7 of 1994, within the new update from the end of last year the decision came up to include the Victory Team to DIMC which will operate under the club.