DIMC participates in “Aftir” Ramadan Initiative

02 April 2024

A delegation from the Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC) actively participated in the preparation and distribution of Iftar Meals, as part of the collaborative campaign between Beit Al Khair Society and First Abu Dhabi Bank's Ramadan initiatives. This involvement underscores DIMC's dedication to nurturing community partnerships and advancing charitable causes.

Mohammed Abdulla Harib, a Board Member and CEO at DIMC, attended the event alongside Abdeen Taher Al Awadhi, Director General of Beit Al Khair Society. Also present were various department heads, officials, and staff from DIMC, along with esteemed figures from the world of marine sports like Mohammed Al Marri, a world champion from the Victory Team at the World Powerboat Championships.

The DIMC delegation played an active role in preparing meals at the Mohammed bin Rashid School for Secondary Education for Boys. Throughout Ramadan, Beit Al Khair Society diligently prepares meals daily for individuals across various emirates.

Harib underscored the importance of Ramadan as a time for spiritual growth through acts of service and obedience. He highlighted the success of the "Iftar" initiative in promoting values of tolerance, cooperation, and brotherhood, while also encouraging greater volunteerism for community service.

Highlighting DIMC's strategic objectives, Harib reaffirmed the club's commitment to nurturing community partnerships through its ongoing collaboration with Beit Al Khair Association. He commended the association for its relentless efforts in societal development and expressed gratitude for their cooperation.

Al Falahi emphasized the strong cooperation between DIMC and Beit Al Khair Association, evident in various initiatives such as honoring outstanding orphan children at the club's headquarters and organizing field visits during events like the Emirates Dubai Sail Grand Prix. He also pointed out the Dubai Fishing Championship's initiative to donate proceeds to Beit Al Khair Society, which contributed to over 400 meals for their projects. This further illustrates DIMC's annual involvement in preparing Iftar meals for the fasting community.