DIMC is ready for the opening of the new season Saturday

04 September 2019

DIMC is ready for the first race of the new season 2019-2020 which is on Saturday the first round of the 43ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race.

In the beginning of this week we saw the owners and racer complete their registration in the club headquarter for the first race wherein the committee also provided an electronic link to register and garnering a total of 70 participants wherein they expect to exceed the number before the deadline today at 2:00 PM.

The organizing committee of the club and make great efforts to prepare for the start of a new season successful in cooperation with the various government departments and national institutions, including the Dubai Police -  the device to protect vital installations and coasts (Coast Guard) , Civil Defense in Dubai , Dubai Maritime City Authority and Dubai Media Incorporated , which it televise the race live via Dubai Sports TV Channel , Nakheel, Dubai Ambulance and Sky Dive Dubai.

Mohammed Harib , the CEO and board member of Dubai International Marine Club wishes all the employee the success of the new season and appreciate all their efforts  in the previous season in which the club achieved a huge success. 

The board of Director of DIMC confirmed that the current season will be filled with local events , international and global that will contribute to its role in being the home of watersports in the country since its founding year 1988. 

He explained that the season will officially start on Saturday under the "Year of Tolerance" and will continue until the 2020 in which Dubai is set to host the EXPO 2020 which will give a lot of opportunity and aspiration in-conjunction with the event . The closing race will be dedicated for the 30th Al Gaffal Race which is held annually under the patronage and direct support of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum , deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance.

Before He end his speech he appreciate the cooperation between the organizers and the boat owner, racer, sailors, teams, and all those involved in which he reminded everyone about safety towards the end of the season.