DIMC thanks the Al Oula Radio (107.4)

11 February 2020

The "Sports Evening" program broadcast  last Sunday from 8:00 to 10:00 PM by the Al Oula Radio 107.4  the first radio by  Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center in which highlighted in the program the activities of Dubai International Marine Club in the first two episode over the week.  For the first episode led by the presence of the DIMC CEO, Mohammed Harib with the interview held in the Al Oula Radio Station and the second episode led by the presence of Hezaim Al Gemzi, the Director of Sports Department at DIMC and Mohammed Al Marri the Director of Government Communication which is held for the first time in the club's headquarter 

The DIMC thanked the Al Oula Radio 107.4 and the program of Sports Evening that talks the club activities in the sports season and shed a light of all the activities done by the club. They also talked about some issues concerning the marine sports and the participation of the UAE Champions in the International Sports