Dubai Fishing Championship sparks competition for the Kingfish Category

14 March 2020

The second round of the Dubai Fishing Competition organized by Dubai International Marine Club within the marine sports season 2019-2020 that will run from 10-14 of March. And tomorrow at the headquarter of P&O Marina in Jumeirah 5 will be the awarding ceremony for the winner of the Dubai Fishing Competition after the committee approved and finally review all the video submitted by the fishermen that abides the rules and regulation establish by the club.

The competition started last Tuesday where it continues daily from the headquarter of P&O Marina in Jumeirah 5 wherein we witness a great turnout and all thanks to the effort of the organizing committee and the cooperation between the club partners and sponsored such as Delma Marine, P&O Marina , Dubai Cooperative Association for Fishermen, Sea and Sands Fishing and Motorcyle Trading 

The attractive financial awards, gathered by the Organizing Committee and the supporting partners which in total of 280,000 dirhams that raised the enthusiasm of the participants, who strongly compete for the two categories : Kingfish and Cobia with a total of 112 participants among the UAE citizen and fishing enthusiast.

On the third day of the competition we witnessed a heated competition among the participants for the category of Kingfish wherein the contestant no. 51 Abdulwahab Salem Alhousni handover a 33.75 KG fish with 154cm height which is the biggest submitted fish on that day. 

Another contestant no. 44 Salem Mohamed Rashed bring a 32.65 KG Kingfish with a length of 153 CM while Saif Mohamed Saif Al Huraiz Alfalasi participant no .75 catches a 31.40 KG Kingfish with a length of 150 CM. 

On the fourth place was participant no. 68 Ahmed Khalfan Obaid Almzrouei who succeed in catches a 30.55 KG Kingfish with 155 CM length up against the contestant no. 22 Eisa Darwish Eisa Almarri who catches 22.10 KG with a length is 139 CM.

Another participant no. 91  Juma Mohamed Abdulla Murad bring a 21.90 KG kingfish with a 137 CM length. Then a 20.95 KG Kingfish with 138 CM height brought by participant no. 26 Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Almarzouqi. While particpant no. 92 Saif Saeed Ali Aljari Alketbi bring a 19.65 KG fish with 135 cm length. On the last position is participant no. 109 Abdulrehman Ali Obaid Bin Naseem that brings 18.55 KG of Kingfish with 127 CM length.