Blazing Competition at Dubai Fishing Competition

12 March 2020

The second round of the Dubai Fishing Competitions that started in Dubai from last Tuesday and will continue until Saturday. The blazing competition between more than 100 participants from the UAE citizens and resident.

The Dubai Fishing Championships competitions are held under the supervision and organization of the Dubai International Marine Club with the support of the national institutions, including Delma Marine ,P&O Marinas, Dubai Cooperative Society for Fishermen , DIBS and Sea and Sands. 

On the first day of the handover of catch fish in the competition the contestant no. 24 Juma Khalifa Juma Alnabooda Alsuwaidi who catches a 36.15 KG of Cobia fish with a 143 CM length took off the spotlight for having the biggest fish of the day against  its competitor no. 48 Badar Siddiq Fatah Ali who was able to catch a 28.30 KG with 131 CM of Cobia Fish. 

In the same category contestant no. 35 Ali Mohamed Hamad Al Mansouri who catch 17.20 KG with the length of 116 CM then participant  no. 65  Essa Khalfan Al Fujair with 16.90 KG and 104 CM length.

And on the level of competition in the strongest and largest category, contestant No. 79 Salem Musabeh Salem Al Falasi achieved the lead in the category of fish (Al-Kanad) by his success in catching a fish with a weight of 19.05 kg and a length of 130 cm to lead at the end of the day before yesterday - Wednesday - Al-Kanad competitions while he came in the center  The second is contestant No. 40, Salem Ghanem Al-Marri, who hunted a fish as a weight of 16.05 kg and a length of 129 cm