Dubai Kitefoil Open in Jumeirah on Saturday & Sunday

26 April 2022

Dubai International Marine Club is organizing the Dubai Kitefoil Open on Saturday & Sunday at Nessnass Beach in cooperation with the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club for the Hydrofoil category. 

The big event comes within the club renewed partnership and cooperation with various organization under the sports event in the season 2021-2022.

Mohammed Harib , CEO of DIMC confirmed that organizing this event comes within the joint cooperation between Dubai Offshore Sailing Club (DOSC) wherein it will provide an opportunity for all the segment of the society to enjoy and participate in the said events especially the Kite surf enthusiast.

He explained that the Dubai Kitefoil Open for Hydrofoil is a new activity organized by DIMC & DOSC aside from the Dubai Junior Regatta (Modern Sailing Race). 

The club announce the opening of the registration thru the club's website and thru the DOSC headquarter daily for Hydrofoil in the ff. categories : Male, Female, Junior and Local.

Commemorative Shield

During the Dubai Junior Regatta 2022 Championship which concluded last March, Mohammed  Hareb, CEO of DIMC,  was keen to present the club's commemorative shield to the family of the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club which was received by Mohammed Al Kamda in behalf of the Board of Directors.