Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race (60ft) Rescheduled from Saturday to Sunday

26 October 2023

The organising committee at Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC) has decided to reschedule the first round of the Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race (60ft) from Saturday(28 October) to Sunday (29 October) due to sea conditions in the Arabian Gulf waters.

The Dubai International Marine Club is preparing to host this upcoming race, which holds special significance for watersports enthusiasts. This race is considered the largest and most popular in the traditional category, bringing together the elite of boat owners, captains, and sailors. It's also the longest race, typically spanning more than 20 nautical miles in the Gulf waters.

Mohammed Al Marri, the Director of the Sports Affairs Department and Race Director, emphasizesed that the organising committee always seeks the best conditions for the success of the events, with a strong emphasis on the security and safety of all the participants. He pointed out that the weather forecast, based on the monitoring done by the committee, indicates that the upcoming day will not be suitable for the race. However, conditions are expected to improve significantly on Sunday, which is why the race has been postponed by 24 hours.

Al Marri further added, "We have already initiated coordination with our key partners from government departments and national institutions to organise this major race. They have been informed about the new date. Additionally, the organising committee has opened registration, which will remain open until Friday, through the club’s website: . Subsequently, the list of participating Dhow boats will be announced."

The 60ft Dhow Sailing Race will feature three rounds this season. The first round takes place this Sunday, followed by the second round in mid-December, and concludes with the final round, which coincides with the conclusion of the season during the 33rd Edition of Al Gaffal Long Distance Race from Sir Bu Na’air Island to the Dubai Coast, scheduled for April next year.



In 2023, the 60ft Dhow Sailing Race marks its thirty-first season, having been inaugurated during the third edition of the Al Gaffal Long Distance Race in 1993. This race covers the journey from Sir Bu Nair Island, passing through the waters of the Arabian Gulf to the picturesque shores of Dubai.

Over the course of three decades, the 60ft Dhow Sailing Race has embarked on a remarkable journey under the auspices of the Dubai International Marine Club. This category was established as a translation of the vision of the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, whose contributions have left indelible marks on the history of marine sports. These efforts have significantly supported the development of traditional races, with the aim of preserving the legacy of their forefathers for future generations.

The Al Gaffal Race, which commenced in 1991, initially featured competition among 43ft Dhow Sailing Race during its first edition in 1991 and its second edition in 1992. It was in the third edition in 1993 that a significant milestone was reached, marking the inception of a dual race that included two categories: 43ft dhow boats and 60ft dhow boats.

In 1994, it was officially approved that only 60ft Dhow boats would participate in the fourth edition of the Al Gaffal Race. This tradition has endured and prospered, with the most recent edition taking place last June 2023, marking its 32nd year.



The inaugural event of the 60ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race, hosted by the Dubai International Marine Club, took place on May 26, 1993. Sixteen boats participated, and it was boat number 36, "Mansour," that claimed the championship title.

Race Schedule:

First Round: Sunday, 29 October, 2023

Second Round: Saturday, December 16, 2023

Third Round: 33rd Al Gaffal Race, April 20-24, 2024