(Dubai Watersports Day) attracts the public to Dubai Island

07 January 2023

Dubai Watersports Day attracts the public to Dubai Island managed by Nakheel, for a two-day of marine sporting event organized by Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC) under the sports season 2022-2023 with a variety of activities open to beginners, professionals, and all segments of the society. It will be the club's first activity this new year 2023 and, in conjunction with the UAE campaigns for the "World Coolest Winter" bring together the spirit of sportsmanship among local and international competition.  

Today, the activity will kick off with the Kayak Boats Fishing Tournament that will take place from 6:00 HRS until the afternoon for the first time in Dubai Island also known as Deira Island. The committee has given them the guidelines on how to catch and which fish is valid for submissions such as Cobia, Barracuda, Queen, Golden Trevally, and King Fish. 

For the Modern Sailing Race - Day 1 will start off with the Sailing Briefing at 10:30 HRS then right after the first Signal for racing at 01:00 HRS and the last Signal at 16:00 HRS. It is expected that this race will bring together an elite group of male and female competitors representing some sailing club in the country.  


06:00-16:00: Kayak Fishing

10.00-16.00: Registration and Technical inspection for UAE Int'l Aquabike Championship

10.30-16:00: First Day of Race for Modern Sailing

09:00 SUP & Kayak Race