Dubai Watersports Summer Week starts at Al Shurooq Beach

19 June 2020

Dubai International Marine Club announced the program of activities for the Dubai Watersports Summer Week which is organized by the club in cooperation with the Dubai Sports Council in implementation of the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Sports Council and the President of DIMC in the response to the decision of the national authorities in the emirate to resume the sports activities in the emirates of Dubai. 

The Dubai Sports Council has announced the return of the sports activities and competition this month in the implementations of the council's plan and in line with the Government's plan to gradually open all sectors of life in the Emirate, and complies with instructions issued by Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management, and related government agencies. The Council has prepared a detailed list of protocols in collaboration with relevant authorities to ensure the safety of everyone involved in these competitions, and the order of resumption will be limited to events that conform to these safety protocols and guidelines, and obtain prior approval from Dubai Sports Council. 

The event will be next week in three consecutive days (Thursday-Saturday) 25th - 27th of June with the exciting marines activities that will attract the marine watersports enthusiast as well as the public to witness the event in the stunning Dubai beaches.

The activities will start next Thursday in Al Shurooq Beach in Jumeirah wherein we will witness in the evening the Motosurf Competition for the first time in the Dubai waters and followed by the Hydrofly (Flyboard) competition as they fly up high in the sky with amazing stunt that is open for all the participants (Beginner or Pro)

In the next day, Friday will be an exciting full day activities to start with the Kayak Fishing for the first time also in Dubai and its open to all which will be held around the Dubai Waters. At the same day  in Kite Beach in early morning will be the Stand Up Paddling race which is organized by the club for the first time also in cooperation & partnership with the various institution. And in the afternoon the Kitesurf activities in Nessnass Beach which is open to all (gender & level).

And on the third day, 27th of June the Modern Sailing competition for Laser 4.7 and Optimist in cooperation with DOSC . And right after the activities will be the awarding ceremony of the Dubai Watersports Summer Week.