Dubai - XCAT Photo won in the International Photography Contest

20 April 2020

The 2019 UIM Photographic competition saw an entries from 25 photographers from 14 countries submitting a total of 288 images across the seven categories covering the UIM competitions around the world.  

And one of the winning photo was taken during the 2019 UIM XCAT World Powerboat Championship - Dubai Grand Prix which is organized by Dubai International Marine Club last year , on 12th-14th of December 2019. 

And the Italian, Maria Chiara Verga got the third place (bronze medal) for the UIM Photo Competition in Offshore Categories competing with more than 20 photographers, wherein her winning photo was taken during the free practice of the competition in Dubai at Sunset Beach capturing the arrival of the boat Kuwait (17) in which the event held huge success. 

The UIM Photography Contest 2019 was announced by the international federation in the last period wherein all the activity was stopped/ postponed due to the pandemic COVID- 19 emerging in the whole world with that the competition was held to greatly catch the interest of the marine enthusiast photographer competing in 7 categories which begin last January and ends until the February.