An Exciting Lineup of Watersports Events Unfolds on Dubai's Beaches

14 September 2023

Dubai International Marine Club has announced an exciting lineup of watersports events for the upcoming marine sports season 2023-2024, scheduled to commence next Saturday, the 23rd of September with the first round of the Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race (22ft). 

The new season includes various sporting events, featuring festivities for participants and watersports enthusiasts over a period of 8 months, starting this September and concluding at the end of next April.

The races are divided into traditional and modern categories, this season showcase a total of 10 races dedicated to traditional Racing. These include 2 rounds of the 22ft Dhow Sailing Race, renowned as an academy for nurturing talent and shaping the future generation in this sport which includes categories for juniors under 16 years old and youth under 21 years old. The new season also features 2 rounds of the 43ft Dhow Sailing Race, 2 rounds of the 60ft Dhow Sailing Race, culminating in the highly anticipated Al Gaffal Race in its 33rd edition. This iconic race marks the grand finale of the season and has been held annually since its inception in 1991, covering a route from Sir Bu Na’air Island to the Dubai Coast. Additionally, the lineup includes 2 rounds of the Rowing Race – 30ft, concluding with the 27th edition of the Al Maktoum Cup, renowned as the most prestigious rowing race and established in 1998.

In 2024, Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC) is gearing up to host the inaugural round of the UAE International Aquabike Championship, marking the commencement of international events sanctioned by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM)  . This championship will bring together world champions from over 20 countries across the globe, along with the stars of the UAE national teams.

The year will also witness an exciting night show featuring the Freestyle and Hydrofly categories of Aquabike. This event will take place alongside the Dubai International Boat Show activities in March to be held in the waterfront of Dubai Harbour.

Marine sports enthusiasts can look forward to the Dubai Kitesurf Open organized by the club for the seventh consecutive season in collaboration with the UAE Sailing and Rowing Federation (UAESARF) and under the supervision of the Emirates Kiteboarding Association (EKA). This championship consistently attracts top international talent,  following its inclusion in the Summer Olympics in Paris 2024.

In the 2023-2024 season, the Dubai International Marine Club is committed to offering exceptional opportunities for Olympic athletes to hone their skills and discover new talents. This includes organizing a round of Dubai Modern Sailing Championship and UAE Rowing Championship. Additionally, there will be a paddling festival dedicated to Stand Up Paddling and Kayaks.

Community engagement is a key aspect of these events, with various festivals and approved competitions taking place alongside the races. These include the Dubai Fishing Championship 2024 for kingfish and Cobia, as well as the Dubai Kayak Boats Fishing Tournament featuring standard, double, and electric kayaks. 

Race Schedule :

23 September, 2023 : Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race - 22ft (H1)

30 September, 2023 : UAE Rowing Championship

21 October, 2023 : Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race - 43ft (H1)

28 October, 2023 : Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race - 60ft (H1)

04 November, 2023 : Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race - 22ft (H2)

11 November, 2023 : Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race - 43ft (H2)

18 November, 2023 : Dubai Kayak Boats Fishing Tournament

25 November, 2023 : Dubai Traditional Rowing Race – 30ft (H1)

09 December, 2023 : Dubai Traditional Rowing Race – 30ft (H2)

16 December, 2023 : Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race - 60ft (H2)

23 December, 2023 : 27th Al Maktoum Cup Traditional Rowing Race

06 January, 2024: UAE Int’l Aquabike Championship

20 January, 2024: Dubai Modern Sailing Championship

3-4 February, 2024: Dubai Kitesurf Competition

10 February, 2024: Dubai Stand Up Paddling & Kayak

28 February – 2 March, 2024: Dubai Fishing Championship

02 March, 2024 : Aquabike Night Show 2024 at Dubai International Boat Show

20 April, 2024: 33rd Al Gaffal 60ft Traditional Dhow Sailing Race