First Round of Dubai Fishing Competition Kicks off today

01 March 2023

The first round of Dubai Fishing Competition kicks off today, organized by Dubai International Marine Club in conjunction with the Dubai International Boat Show 2023.

Back on its fourth season in the club’s calendar which aims to widen its popularity among various segment of the society with two categories to compete with the Kingfish and Cobia.

DIMC allocated total prize money of 165,000 dirhams wherein the 135,000 dirhams will be allocated to the top 10 winners of Kingfish category and the 30,000 dirhams will be allocated to the top 3 winner of the Cobia category.

In the beginning of the week the committee has announced the opening of registration for those who would like to participate in the competition wherein they reminded the participants to start today after the committee’s announcement of the password to the participants. The receiving will be at the club’s headquarter in the tourist port at Dubai Harbour while the awarding ceremony will take place on the closing day of Dubai International Boat Show on Sunday.