(November) Full of Marine Sporting Event injunction with Fitness Challenge 30x30

31 October 2022

In conjunction with the sixth session of the Dubai Fitness Challenge (30 minutes of daily activity for 30 days), the Dubai International Marine Club organizes various sporting activities that will be for all segments of society, especially for the marine sports enthusiast and beachgoers in (Jumeirah).

Mohammed Al Marri , the Acting Director of Sports Affair at Dubai International Marine Club said that this month we will witness the second and final round of the Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race (43ft) on the 19th of November with expected 1000 participants from more than 80 boats. 

November Schedule 

  • 19 November:  Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race (43ft)
  • 20 November: Dubai Modern Sailing Race
  • 24-27 November: Dubai Fishing Competition
  • 24-27 November: Dubai Kayak Fishing Boat Tournament
  • 24 November:  Flyboard Competition
  • 24 November:  Free Style Competition
  • 26 November: Dubai Stand Up Paddling & Kayak
  • 26 November: Modern Sailing Race
  • 26-27 November: Dubai Kitesurf Open