Jetski Drag Race launches in Ajman Sea Festival today in Al Zorah Marina 1

25 October 2019

The Jetski Drag Race will be held at 14:30 until 15:30  in the afternoon as part of the Ajman Sea Festival organized by the Ajman Tourism Development Department in cooperation with Dubai International Marine Club(DIMC) at Al Zorah Marina 1

Hezaim Al Gemzi the Director of Sports Department at Dubai International Marine Club said that the schedule for the race will start as early as 8:00 AM for the Technical Inspection of the participants and with the race briefing at 11:00 AM .

As per the Jetski Drag Race include two categories the Super Stock and the Open Category wherein the participants will enter the competition thru various stages of knockout round of the track up to 200 meter.

Al Gemzi added that the organizing committee has adopted the rules governing the race, which include the conditions for this race as well as the appendix on competition, the method of starting and the start procedures which depend on a precise system up to 50 meters before entering the approved track.

He also pointed out that each participants  to abide by the instructions of the race supervisor at the moment of the start and stand in a straight line and waiting for the green flag to be raised to mark the beginning of the race. He stresses that the racer must attend the race briefing to understand the regulations and to answer their queries.