Health Screening Initiative for DIMC Employees

20 June 2022

DIMC reassured employees and workers' general health status at the end of the sports season that began last October and concluded this first week of June.

The initiatives come within the club framework in the interest of their employee’s welfare, to reinforce the principle of occupational safety within the career happiness program. In line with this the club aims to balance the employee’s work-life as an extension of efforts in the past period, during the emergence of the COVID-19, the club provided its employees and family the vaccination event.

A specialized team from Medeor Hospital, established in the Emirates last 2015, performs Medical Check-Up to all DIMC staff through general examination and free consultation supervised by a General Practitioner.

Heba Ali Abdullah, from the Business Development Department at Medeor Hospital, said that the joint initiative between the Dubai International Marine Club comes within the framework of working together with national institutions to establish cooperation.

Heba indicated that Medeor Hospital has participated in various initiatives involving different sports clubs and institutions since its establishment in 2015 in the Karama area; she expresses her happiness with the current collaboration with Dubai International Marine Club which is one of the important sports edifices in the Emirates.

ISO 45001: Occupational Health & Safety Certification

It is worth noting that the Dubai International Marine Club had obtained the ISO 45001-2018 for Occupational Health & Safety Certification from the Swiss Foundation (QSZ)  last April as part of the implementation of the strategic plan 2021-2027.