Nessnass Beach host the first ride of the Kitesurfing

08 January 2021

Nessnass Beach in Jumeirah will host today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday) the first round of the Dubai Kitesurf Open in a new excting championship series. 

The Dubai International Marine Club completed all the preparations for the launching of the event this morning - Friday - in coordination with government departments and national institutions in the Emirate of Dubai and in cooperation with the  Emirates Kiteboarding Association headed by  Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.

The first rounds which will starts today and ends tomorrow is one of the three rounds of the Dubai Kitesurf Open for season 2020-2022. The other round will be on the 15th and 16th of this month and the third & final round will be in the end of March. 

The competition for the first round gathers more than 80 participant from the national team and the fans of this sports in professional and amateur levels among the communities in the country as well as the tourist interested in this sports and the best times to be one of the coolest winter in the world. 

The competitions begin today within two classes the free style in which the participants controls the parachute and the board to perform a certain tricks and exhibition. Another category is the Twin Tip that includes for men, women and youth. 

Tomorrow it is expected to begin the competition with the Hydrofoil races wherein the all the participants gather their points to compete in the top spot in the overall of the standing per category in the championship.