Our Champions Topped the Dubai Kitesurf Competition

05 February 2024

Our national champions and stars of kitesurfing topped the Dubai Kitesurf Open on its seventh consecutive season, held last weekend for two days, Saturday & Sunday, at Dubai Islands beach.

The event was successfully organized by the Dubai International Marine Club as part of Dubai Watersports Day 2024, which achieved great success with the participation of more than 80 male and female participants from various countries such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, and the UAE nationals.

The championship was held in conjunction with the campaign for the World's Coolest Winter under the supervision of the UAE Sailing and Rowing Federation (UAESARF), competing in four different categories: Twin Tip, Hydrofoil, Freestyle, and Wing Foil in Men, Women, Juniors, and GCC.

Our champions excelled in the competition, particularly in the Junior and GCC categories. Abdulaziz Al Marzouqi topped the Hydrofoil Competition, while Suhail Al Marri claimed second place and Mohamed Obaid Al Mansoori secured third place. In the Junior category, our rising star Abdullah Al Muhairbi achieved third place. Christopher Vernhet from France secured first place in the men's category, while Paula Mikahava from the Czech Republic emerged victorious in the women's category.

In the Twin Tip GCC category, Rashid Al Falasi and Mohammed Obaid Al Mansoori secured first and second place respectively, while our Junior Abdullah Al Muhairbi clinched the top spot. Amjad Nasser from Sri Lanka and Marta Morlo from Poland emerged victorious in the men's and women's categories respectively.

Our veteran champion, Mohammed Obaid Al Mansoori, emerged victorious in the Freestyle Competition for GCC, with Abdullah Al Muhairbi securing third place in the Junior category. Anishka Dinel from Sri Lanka topped the men's category, while Sara Douglas from the UK claimed victory in the women's category.

The Wing Foil Race was in its second season for this category introduced by the Dubai International Marine Club last year. Abdullah Al Muhairbi secured first place in the GCC category, with Pierre Courson from France claiming the top spot in the men's category, and Fryderyk Szczesny from Poland securing first place in the Junior Category.

Mohammed Al Marri, Director of the Sports Affairs Department at the Dubai International Marine Club, accompanied by Saud Al Najjar from Nakheel, awarded the medals and trophies to the top 3 winners of the 15 categories in four races: Twin Tip, Hydrofoil, Wing Foil, and Freestyle over the course of two days.



  • GCC : Abdulaziz Al Marzouqi (UAE), 2- Suhail Al Marri (UAE), 3- Mohamed Obaid Al Mansoori (UAE)
  • Men: 1- Christopher Vernhet (France), 2- Edouard Françoneri (France), 3- Francois Carro (France)
  • Women: 1- Paula Mihakava (Czech Republic), 2- Mariani Amanda (France), 3- Jessica Khoriaty (Lebanon)
  • Juniors: 1- Quicy Radkowski (USA), 2- Fryderyk Szczesny (Poland), 3- Abdullah AlMuhairbi (UAE)

Twin Tip : 

  • GCC: 1- Rashid Ahmed Al Falasi (UAE), 2- Mohamed Obaid Al Mansoori (UAE), 3- Almakhtar Abdulkarim (Oman)
  • Men : 1- Amjath Naser (Sri Lanka) , 2- Francois Carro (France), 3 – Ahmed Hassam Ahmed (Egypt)
  • Women: 1- Marta Morlo (Poland), 2 – Ilona Magdalena Szadejko (Poland), 3- Mariani Amanda (France)
  • Juniors: 1- Abdullah Al Muhairbi (UAE), 2- Quicy Radkowski (USA), 3- Konrad Stucke (Germany)

Freestyle : 

  • GCC:  1- Mohamed Obaid Al Mansouri (UAE) , 2- Ayman Abdullah Said (Oman), 3- Almakthtar Abdulkarim (Oman)
  • Men: 1- Anishka Dinel (Sri Lanka), 2- Kacper Szczesna (Poland), 3- Hossam Elsayd (Egypt)
  • Women: 1- Sarah Douglas (UK), 2- Katarzyna Tersa (Poland), 3- Devyn Jessica Clarke (Canada)
  • Juniors: 1- Fryderyk Szczesny (Poland), 2- Quicy Radkowski (USA), 3- Abdullah Al Muhairbi (UAE)

Wing Foil : 

  • GCC: 1- Abdullah AlMheiri (UAE), 2- Rashid Al Hashmi (Oman)
  • Men: 1- Pierre Courson (France), 2- Evgenii Aivazian (Russia), 3- Matia Holm (Italy)
  • Juniors: 1- Fryderyk Szczesny (Poland), 2- Quicy Radkowski (USA)