Registration Closes Today for the First Round of 43ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race

20 October 2023

The registration closes today for the first round of the 43ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race, organized by the Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC), as part of the new sports season 2023-2024.

DIMC is all set to host the grand race tomorrow, Saturday, 21st of October, departing from the depths of the Arabian Gulf Waters and heading towards the finish line near the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel, covering a race distance of 14 nautical miles.

According to Mohammed Al Marri, Director of the Sports Affairs Department at DIMC, the race start time will be around 1:00 PM, considering the sea conditions and wind speeds. The preparations for the race will commence early, starting with the assembly point for the participants, followed by the positioning of the boats at the starting line before the Race Start.

Al Marri emphasized that the organizing committee is fully prepared for the event in coordination with the club's success partners from various government departments and national institutions. The committee has already communicated all the necessary procedures to all the participants, including details about the assembly point, start, and finish line via SMS. Participants are reminded as well to strictly adhere to the Race Instructions provided by the committee.

The Director of the Sports Affairs Department at the club also anticipates that the participating boats will cover a distance exceeding to 14 nautical miles between the start and finish line, taking advantage of the favorable weather conditions as per the marine forecast. These conditions will be conducive to the competition's nature, helping the sailors sail the fastest and most efficient route to the finish line.

He commended the response from sea enthusiasts who registered well in advance of today's deadline. Anticipating a significant turnout from boat owners and sailors, the committee will soon release the entry list of participants.