Remarkable Women's Participation in DIMC Sports Season

01 August 2023

The activities of the Dubai International Marine Club during the 2022-2023 sports season saw remarkable levels of participation from women and girls who actively engaged in various races and events organized by the club over a span of nine months, from September to the end of May.

One noteworthy performance came from the "Al Namoos Team" during the Dubai Fishing Competition 2022-2023, led by the talented Lamia Ali Al-Saqal. Their determination and skill were evident in the second round, where they secured impressive fish weights, marking their second consecutive successful season.

The Kayak Boat Fishing Tournament, held in Dubai Islands, also captured the attention of women residing in the UAE. Competitors embraced the challenge and adventure, striving to obtain valuable catches in categories such as Kingfish, Cobia, Barracuda, Golden Trevally, and Queen Fish.

Moreover, the recently returned UAE Modern Rowing Championship witnessed a significant number of women and young girls participating in the tournament alongside various clubs and teams from the country. Women showcased their talents in different categories, including singles, doubles, quadruples, and mixed doubles, making the championship a memorable and highly competitive event.

Another sport that showcased distinguished female talents and their passion for modern sports was the Dubai Kitesurf Open. A group of resident community girls displayed immense enthusiasm as they actively participated in various competitions, which encompassed four categories: Twin Tip, Hydrofoil, Freestyle, and the newly added category, Wing Foil. The event provided a platform for these exceptional athletes to shine and demonstrate their skills in the thrilling world of kitesurfing.

On the other hand, the Dubai Modern Sailing Championship, also known as Dubai Junior Regatta, has consistently maintained its legacy since its establishment in 2000. In the latest session, the championship took place on the beautiful beaches of Jumeirah, in collaboration with the UAE Sailing and Rowing Federation (UAESARF) and the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club (DOSC). This prestigious event has been instrumental in nurturing the talents of a diverse range of participants, including stars from various clubs and children from the resident communities, with a notable emphasis on encouraging the active participation of girls. During the championship, women athletes from various clubs, teams, and academies showcased their skills and competitiveness across different categories, such as ILCA 7, 6, 4, and Optimist. Their strong presence and impressive performances have made the Dubai Junior Regatta a celebrated and highly competitive event, contributing to the growth and development of sailing talent in the region.

Additionally, the club organized the Dubai Watersports Day, which featured an exciting Stand-Up Paddling Competition and Kayak event exclusively for women, in cooperation with the Dubai Ladies Club. This special day provided a fantastic opportunity for women to showcase their skills and passion for water sports.

On the sidelines of the 26th session of the Al Maktoum Cup for Traditional Rowing Boats (30 feet), the Dubai International Marine Club organized several accompanying events, including a unique challenge: the virtual rowing competition. This innovative competition attracted the participation of various women's teams, with notable contenders like the "Desert Shield" team, known for specializing in obstacle races such as Spartan and Triathlon.