Shaheen Crowned as Champion of Dhow Sailing Race (60ft)

26 February 2023

Shaheen boat no. 57 owned by Hamdan Saeed Yaber Al Harbi and led by Khalifa Abed Thani Al Marri was crowned the champion of the second round of Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race (60ft) which was organized by Dubai International Marine Club last Saturday as part of the current season.

The event was participated by 80 boats which all lined up at the starting line in the depth of the Arabian Gulf and sailed for more than 22 nautical miles in an unpredictable race due to the shift of wind speed that affects the sailor’s strategy in leading the way to the finish line.


1. Shaheen(57), 2.- Al Shaqi (96), 3.- Zilzal(25), 4.- Hadad(116), 5.- Emaar(89), 6.- Zayurikh(120) 7.- Al Tabr(55), 8. Bin Ghazi (3), 9. Al Wasf (87), 10. Al Adeed(30)