A Significant Turnout of Participants is Expected for Tomorrow's 43ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race

10 November 2023

Today marks the closing day of registrations for the second round of the 43ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race, organized by the Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC), scheduled to take place tomorrow at Dubai Shore under the current sports season 2023-2024.

Mohammed Al Marri, the Director of the Sports Affairs Department at the Dubai International Marine Club, has confirmed that all preparations have been finalized for the successful execution of the race. He noted that the event has garnered significant interest and cooperation from boat owners, with over 75 boats confirming their participation just one day before the registration deadline.

Al Marri emphasized that this impressive number of participating boats reflects the enduring popularity of traditional races among the people of the Emirates, connecting them to the traditions of their ancestors.

The organizing committee is dedicated to ensuring the race takes place under the best conditions by thoroughly monitoring the weather forecast to determine the best route and timing for the anticipated event. The race will be broadcast live via Dubai Sports TV Channel.

It's worth mentioning that the first round of the 43ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race was successfully organized on October 21, with over 80 participating boats. Boat number 63, 'Dahis,' led by Issa Sultan Al Marzouqi, claimed the first place, followed closely by boat number 96, 'Al Shaqi,' and boat number 170, 'Sahm,' in second and third places, respectively.